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Paving Services in Hillsborough, NJ

Brandt Construction Company can pave just about anything to suit your needs. Give us a call for a free consultation and free estimate.

Asphalt Paving

  • Residential Driveways
    • rip up and repave
    • resurfacing
    • single layer (Top Coat Only)
    • double layer (Stabilize Base Coat and Top Coat)
    • additional parking areas and turnarounds
    • widen and expand
    • aprons
  • Commercial Parking Lots
  • Cemetery Roadways
  • Private Lanes
  • Gas Stations
  • Sports Courts
  • Pathways

Grading & Stoning

Not interested in an asphalt driveway? We do stone driveways too. Over time, a stone driveway can become unsightly. Potholes, weeds, grass and more can eventually take over the area. We can reclaim and redefine your space by re-grading and adding new stone. We can give your driveway a clean, appealing look for a fraction of the cost of paving. Give us a call for a free consultation.

  • Re-pitch driveways for proper water drainage
  • Re-grade existing stone
  • Add new stone:
    • road stone/QP
    • clean stone
    • single layer (Top Coat Only)
    • millings
    • decorative stone (i.e. red stone)
  • Compaction of stone bases
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We do all our own excavation work:
  • Rip out old asphalt and concrete
  • Dig out grass and dirt areas for driveway additions
  • Trenching for pipe work and drainage
  • Dig out clay and stabilize soft areas

Belgium Block Curbing

Do you want to add a custom look to your driveway? We install Belgium Block along driveway borders for a streamline look. This adds to the curb appeal of your property and keeps all asphalt edges intact. We also install Railroad Ties as a border for driveways.

Concrete Sidewalks & Aprons

Is your concrete cracked, heaved or simply unsightly? Or do you just need a clean pathway from your driveway to your front door? We can create, remove and re-pour concrete sidewalks and aprons. Enhance the beauty of your property, while eliminating trip hazards for your guests.

Seal Coating

Protect your investment with a professional seal coat job. Our family is also in the seal coating business. Brandt's Sealcoating can help you with all your asphalt maintenance needs. Give them a call 1 year after your driveway is paved for a free estimate on seal coating.
Contact us today for excellent paving service and more. 908-369-8926